1. Types of Content for Marketing


    Content marketing is more than simply writing text. There are different types of content and the underlining purpose is to engage readers and encourage them to act. Agencies in Utah are set up to create this type of content marketing on a daily basis. 

    Businesses that are primarily on the Internet hear about content writing more often than not. This is a necessary tool to increase brand awareness for businesses. Articles, blogs, white pages and stories are styles of writing that are used on the Internet to create more traffic to a business’ Web page. 

    Within these different styles of writing, there are certain tasks that content marketers in Utah need to accomplish. Writers is to write to persuade. This is used to motivate your audience to action. If you wanted your reader to go buy the latest One Direction album, then you would want to write about British musicians, long hair and skinny jeans.

    There are also fact-based articles that focus on a problem that needs to be fixed. These articles provide causes of the problem as well as suggestions to help solve the problem. This type of content marketing always ends with a call to action. This is the biggest form of content on the Internet. Being helpful in a friendly tone is necessary for fact-based writing in Utah. 

    One other form of writing is providing fast information that gets straight to the point. This is a smart idea to use in cases where your reader is looking for quick solutions to a problem or they are looking for basic information. There isn’t a need to empathize with your reader for this type of content marketing. How-to articles and lists are a good way to get you message across quickly.

    Another type of writing that will help businesses with brand awareness is promotional messages. There are many offers and events that businesses have to attract customers. By writing an article or blog about these offers, content marketers in Utah are able to reach a larger percentage of the population.

    The point of content marketing is to get in the mind of the audience and direct their actions in a way that will bring in more business for your company in Utah. This isn’t brain washing or mind control. If that were even possible, then we wouldn’t have to write these articles in the first place.

    Ashley Waite is a content writing intern at Fusion 360 in Salt Lake City.