1. Your Employees are your Social Media Marketing

    Utah marketing isn’t just about ads in the newspaper or a giant billboard near the side of I-15; the market has grown and information is available digitally with just the click of a button. The digital word of social networks has created an amazing marketing tool for Utah businesses. Now you can create a small ad, or post a link, or answer customers’ questions over social networks in just a matter of seconds.

    While Utah businesses use digital marketing to help their business grown and get their name out there, one thing Utah businesses might forget is that they have employees who have their own personal accounts. Business News Daily says “Most businesses today have company Facebook and Twitter profiles, and many have even created accounts on LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram as part of their social media marketing strategies. But the employees of those businesses have their own personal social profiles too. If your staff isn’t using their profiles – particularly LinkedIn and Twitter – as branding tools for your company, you may be missing out on a big marketing opportunity.” Your business needs to have a face, and people trust faces they know — more often your employees than your logo.

    Employees play a huge role in a Utah business, and can play an even bigger role in the digital marketing world. Once your business hires someone, they are your employee and they are representing you and your business. What they post to their personal profiles can come back and hit you in two ways: it can either help you and your business or it can hurt you and your business. Digitally, information is easy to access, so you employees should conduct themselves on social media the same way they would in the office.

    Business News Daily also gives three keys you can do to help your business have a good social media standing. 

    “Create high-quality profiles. A high-quality profile shows both the employee and your brand in the best possible light. It’s more than having a professional photo and filling in all of the profile fields. Employee profiles should use consistent language to name and describe your company. They should hit key marketing messages, and include links to your businesses website and job posting.”

    “Build a relevant network. When it comes to networks, relevance matters more than size. Employees should connect with customers, partners and prospects whom they really know.”

    “Engage connections with valuable content. Share interesting and timely news stories, blog posts, videos, journal reports, white papers, etc.”

    Taylor Hatch is a writer for Fusion 360.